LNCC Endorsement Application

The Libertarian National Campaign Committee endorsement process is pretty easy. There are three sections of non-policy based questions and only four major requirements.

Here are the requirements:

1) Must be a current or Lifetime member of the party (LNC)

2) Must be a registered Libertarian voter (if applicable in your state)

3) Must be running as a Libertarian (there are exemptions and other qualifications for Top 2 states and non-partisan races)

4) You must be the party nominee (there are some exemptions)

a. Non-Partisan: If you meet the first 2 requirements and can get a letter of recommendation or endorsement from your state or county party.

b. Pre-Primary: The LNCC typically does not endorse pre-primary. That would be interfering with the will of the local membership/voter. But if it is after the filing deadline, you are the only Libertarian candidate and your county or state party is in agreement, you can be endorsed.

The other questions in the application help the LNCC staff create a campaign/candidate profile. This profile helps determine what level of support your campaign will need and what the LNCC will be able to provide or help in finding providers of those resources.

LNCC Endorsement Application

Step 1 of 3

  • Section 1: Personal Information

    Please answer the following questions about yourself. Do not use the campaign contact or social media information. This information will not be publicly shared.
  • Please provide a current or campaign headshot
  • Please provide a current bio. (Allowed file types: doc, docx, txt, pdf)
  • Personal Facebook Profile
  • Personal Twitter Account
  • Personal LinkedIn Account
  • If you are registered to vote, but your state does not register by party affiliation choose "N/A".
  • Party Status is your current standing with the Libertarian National Committee (aka Libertarian Party - National).

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