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Victory ClubVictory Club!

The mission of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee (LNCC) is simple. Get Libertarians elected to implement policy…from the halls of Congress to the smallest school district. We are here to turn the tide and change the course of America.

Show the world that you want real Libertarian electoral victories by joining the LNCC Victory Club.

By joining, you will help us fund and promote our mission of getting Libertarians elected to office. We will accomplish this by providing training, resources and funding to outstanding Libertarian candidates…who want to win.

What is the Victory Club?

The LNCC Victory Club is our way of saying thank you to the financial supports of our mission.

With your support the LNCC is able to fully fund its operations, including:

1: Providing direct resources and support to Libertarian candidates up and down the ticket across the country.

2: Creating a new force in local politics by supporting and training local Libertarian county parties through the County Development and Enhancement Program.

3: Traveling the country to provide training to candidates and campaign staffers through state and local party events and conventions.

4: Putting boots on the ground to assist candidates during active campaigns.

5: Retaining our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff.

The Task before us is a monumental one. But working together, we can preserve freedom and the American dream for our children, our grandchildren and for countless generations to come.

Join the Victory Club by making Smaller Monthly donations or a larger One-Time donation donation.

Victory Club Levels

As a special Thank You for joining the Victory Club, we’ve developed a tiered selection of premium gifts. Knowing that you’ve helped advance the cause of Liberty is a gift in and of itself…but it’s nice to get an actual gift, too.

Victory Club Membership Levels and Premium Gifts:

Staffer: $10 a month  (or $120 one-time)

Subscription to the LNCC Spotlight quarterly magazine and a 3×5 Gadsden “DONT TREAD ON ME” flag.

Councilor: $25 a month (or $300 one-time)

Custom 2014 Victory Club lapel pin + Staffer rewards.

Mayor: $50 a month (or $600 one-time)

Campaign Fuel Coffee shipped to your door for 12 months and a Victory Club coffee mug + Councilor rewards.

Governor: $100 a month (or $1,200 one-time)

Limited edition die-cast Victory Club Challenge Coin and featured listing in the next issue of the LNCC Spotlight + Mayor rewards.

Representative: $250 a month (or $3,000 one-time)

Your choice of a bottle of delicious Victory Club Champagne or a box of 20 Premium Victory Club Cigars + Governor rewards.

Senator: $500 a month (or $6,000 one-time)

Both a bottle of Victory Club Champagne, a box of 20 Premium Victory Club Cigars and sponsor a candidate of your choice for 1 year access to all LNCC online training sessions + Representative rewards.

President: $1,000 a month (or $12,000 one-time)

A case of both the Victory Club Champagne (12 bottles) and the Victory Club Cigars (10 boxes) and in-person two-day candidate/party training in the county of your choice + Senator rewards.

If you would prefer to choose to make the larger One-Time donation, Click Here!


What is the LNCC?

Our mission is simple.  Get Libertarians elected to implement policy… from the halls of Congress to the smallest school districts.  We are here to turn the tide and change the course of America.

We do this by providing direct support and training for candidates and local county parties.

Can I make a one-time payment, instead of monthly?

Yes. You can make either smaller monthly recurring contributions or a larger One-Time contribution. Click Here to make a direct One-Time contribution.

What happens if you raise more than the goal?

Any surplus over the $5,000 monthly goal will continue to be applied to the LNCC mission. That means we’ll be able to expand and support more candidates and county parties.

What does the money go to?

Right now the LNCC is looking for candidates to support across the country and we are boots on the ground in Colorado, Ohio and Arkansas with the County Development Program for 2014.

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