About the LNCC

Defending Freedom and the American Dream

Dear Friend,

I believe we can make a significant impact on the body politic.  The Libertarian National Campaign Committee is not here to focus on education and putting out policy papers… there are think tanks to do that job!  We are not a debate club.  And we are not a protest organization.

Our mission is simple.  Get people elected to implement policy… from the halls of Congress to the smallest school districts.  We are here to turn the tide and change the course of America.

And there has never been a better time than now.

Americans are alarmed and incensed at Washington’s gross mismanagement of the federal budget and the U.S. economy.  We are startled by the recent explosion in the size of the government.  We are upset about the mountain of new laws and regulations passed by Congress over the past few years.

Democrats and Republicans are not the answer.  They have fundamentally failed us, and in doing so they have compromised the future of our country and the possibilities for our children and grandchildren.  The time is now for a change to the two-party mentality that has led to this great country into the abyss.  It is time for the Libertarian Party.

End the government’s wasteful spending
Eliminate our nation’s massive budget deficits
Balance the federal budget
Cut taxes
Reduce the size of our government, and
Oppose the intrusive government regulations that compromise our liberty.

Sadly for America, the old guard political parties have failed miserably:

It has now become clear that neither major political party has the courage to do what must be done to restore our nation’s financial sanity or our freedoms.

It’s time to look elsewhere for leadership.

The Libertarian National Campaign Committee (LNCC) is dedicated to defending freedom and the American dream by recruiting, training and supporting Libertarian candidates for political office – getting them elected.

Like our Founding Fathers, Libertarians stand for “maximum freedom with minimum government.”

Like Thomas Paine, we say, “That government is best which governs least.” We believe that, in order to create a better future for our children and grandchildren, government should be limited and freedom expanded.

We’ve taken a stand on the tenets of free enterprise, of personal responsibility and of liberty.  And we believe that the government should live within its means.

If you agree — and if you’re concerned about the growth of government and of government debt — there are many ways for you to help us defend freedom and the American Dream:

Support the Libertarian National Campaign Committee. By doing so, you’ll be joining your voice with ours in demanding an end to Washington’s financial insanity.  Plus, we’ll alert you to opportunities for you to get involved in your local area.

Plus, you’ll also receive a complimentary subscription to our online newsletter, Campaign for Freedom. Each week, Campaign for Freedom helps you stay on top of government’s latest assaults on your financial security and personal liberty — and also brings you the latest bulletins on the LNCC’s response to these threats.

Just sign up here, for free:

Spread the word among your family, friends and neighbors: Use our materials to alert them to the dangers now being posed by Washington’s mishandling of the budget and the economy as well as its interference into our personal lives.

Support Libertarian candidates for office: Visit this site often and watch each issue of Campaign for Freedom for news on Libertarian candidates close to you who are running for local and national office and volunteer to support them locally.

Consider becoming a candidate yourself: The LNCC is dedicated to providing the training you need, connecting you with volunteers in your area and may even help provide financial support for your campaign.  We don’t need or want career politicians – we want civic minded citizens ready to battle on behalf of the country and our future.  You have the passion, we have the tools, and together we will take back this country and restore sanity in government.

Help us send Libertarians to Washington, your state legislature, your city council and your school board! The upcoming elections will be a major milestone for America – and not just because it’s likely to be a referendum on President Obama’s leadership.  This is our opportunity to send men and women to local and national office who will fight for your freedom and prosperity!  To donate now, click here.

The task before us is a monumental one.  But working together, we can preserve freedom and the American dream for our children, our grandchildren and for countless generations to come.

Become a part of our Campaign for Freedom.

Together we can win.

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