Do you feel it’s past time for Economic Reform?

Unnecessary and wasteful federal spending have led to the largest national debt in history, which now stands at more than $14 trillion. For every family of four in the United States, the debt load is nearly $187,000. Even with today’s low interest rates, $400 billion per year of the taxpayer’s dollars are required just to repay the “interest only,” and the projected growth into the future is alarming.

Never in the history of our great nation has the need for economic reform been so obvious.

Washington’s decisions to go to war, to expand the size of the federal government, to bailout corporate America, and to continue practices of deficit spending have led our nation to the brink of economic disaster. Unfortunately, the answer for both the current and past administrations was for the U.S. Federal Reserve to print more money.

Such inept actions have caused other nations to suggest the American dollar should no longer be used as the world’s reserve currency. That alone could double or triple your cost of living and eventually bankrupt our nation.

De-funding & Eliminating Government Entities

The consequences of our government’s reckless behavior and inept decision making are a growing threat to the “American Dream.” When you include the increase in debt for government entitlement programs such as pensions, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the Obama administration and Congress are supporting an estimated total debt of $110 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Unite with us now and help support the de-funding of unnecessary federal bureaucracies.

The Libertarian National Campaign Committee needs your support to ensure the right candidates are elected to public office at the local, state and federal levels of government. Only through our hard work and dedication can we eliminate deficit spending and begin reducing our nation’s debt.

If you are tired of excuses, it’s time for you to take a proactive step and donate your support to the candidates who are willing to make the tough decisions needed to enact economic reforms.

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