Time for a New Political Party

Are you ready for new leadership across America?

The two-party political system, with its old-guard politicians, has become a major part of the problem in our nation’s capital. Wasteful spending and massive budget deficits have proven that neither Democrats nor Republicans are the answer in Washington.

While thousands of municipalities, states and county governments are drowning in debt, our federal government is growing and spending faster than ever.

Our nation’s overall failure in leadership has burdened the American people with soaring energy costs and skyrocketing prices for day-to-day necessities. If you are fed up with hearing the same old story while watching Democrats and Republicans blame each other, then it’s time to put your support behind a new political party that has the determination and courage to do what must be done.

Join the growing Libertarian movement to protect those freedoms established by the forefathers of our great nation.

Support the Libertarian National Campaign Committee

When you support the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, you are working to elect candidates who have promised to turn the tide and implement the policies needed to change the direction of government. The corruption and bribery associated with our country’s political systems has led to record high federal and state spending and growing debt.

By supporting Libertarian candidates at the local, state and federal level, you will be taking a proactive stance to build a better future for your children and grandchildren.

If you’re a believer in “Liberty and Justice for All”, then now is the time to take action and put your support behind a new political party that is dedicated to protecting our nation’s future by stopping the insanity. Join the Libertarian National Campaign Committee and help us elect the civic-minded citizens that will make a difference in Washington, your state legislature, your city council and your local school board.

Become a part of the answer, click on Campaign for Freedom and help us fight for freedom and prosperity for our present and future generations.

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