Tea Party Libertarians

The Tea Party movement may appear to be a grab bag of anti-Obama sentiments but their true message is well anchored in the need for economic reforms. Since “TEA” in Tea Party is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already, the belief that taxes are too high to support economic growth in the private sector is shared by Tea Party members and Libertarians alike.

This synergy of beliefs aimed at lower taxation has led some party supporters to be labeled as “Tea Party Libertarians”.

Without doubt, the President’s wasteful spending and bailout programs have certainly led fiscal conservatives to compare the current tea party movement to the famous event that occurred in Boston harbor over two centuries ago. They also understand that an expanding government represents a real threat to constitutional freedoms and civil liberties in America.

Since there is no centralized Tea Party headquarters or official listing of political beliefs, many issues advocated by Libertarians are simply held as personal beliefs among Tea Party members.

What do Libertarians Believe?

Libertarians believe in the individual freedoms and civil liberties as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and in a very limited government as defined by our founding fathers when drafting our Constitution. Libertarians do not believe in interventionist warmongering to expand democracy throughout the world and they reject government intrusions into the private lives of individuals.

Although Libertarians endorse free-market economics, they differ on many issues supported by neocons, Republicans and conservative Democrats.

Libertarians may agree with liberals on many social issues and conservatives on most fiscal issues but they do not believe in forcing issues on others. Nonetheless, there seems to be an ample number of Tea Party members, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians who share the belief that our government’s spending has run amok and that taxation is not providing us with fair representation in Washington.

If you believe it is time to reduce the size of our government’s footprint and eliminate government intrusions in the lives of private citizens, make a donation to Libertarian National Campaign Committee and support those candidates who can make a difference.

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