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June 2011

$1400 tax hike needed to fund gov’t pensions

Study: $1400 tax hike needed to fund gov’t pensions – Obama already plundering funds to pay off retirements of campaign supporters Got an extra $1,400 in your pocket? That’s how much you’ll have to pay in tax hikes every year for the next 30 years to cover the exploding costs of government employee pensions. “The […]

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More polls show voters want libertarian solutions

The question is, will Libertarians give LP candidates the support they need to reach out to these voters? “45 percent of likely U.S. voters say the gap between Americans ‘who want to govern themselves’ and ‘politicians who want to rule over them’ is as great now as it was during the American Revolution” “65 percent […]

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Obama: We control your breakfast

Just hours after announcing new government-mandated warning labels on cigarettes, White House officials hinted the federal government will next target breakfast cereals for government control. “Sebelius did leave open the door to the possibility, perhaps sometime in the future, of some government involvement with the food industry in determining what healthy eating is,” Human Events’ […]

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