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December 2012

LNCC’s 2013 New Year’s Resolution

2012 was a pretty good year for Libertarians. We had more high caliber candidates running engaging campaigns than ever before. Across the country the Libertarian ticket was made up of candidates that were “in it to win it”. On the local level, the media and the voters started really seeing our serious candidates as just […]

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LNCC Hires an Executive Director

The Libertarian Party — and its candidates — must show we are ready to take the next big steps in becoming a relevant and influential voice in American politics.  And with that I am excited to tell you that the Libertarian National Campaign Committee has hired a highly experienced full-time Executive Director, political strategist Evan McMahon. […]

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Obama releases yet ANOTHER new tax on the middle class

Another day, another tax hike on the middle class from the Obama administration. This time it’s a 3.5 percent tax on premiums from health plans sold on upcoming federal exchanges. This latest Obama tax on the middle class was unveiled Friday during the release of 373 pages of new Obamacare regulations. The tax will be […]

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