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August 2012

Americans say privately-run schools perform better than government schools

“Seventy-eight percent of Americans say children educated in private schools receive an excellent or good education, more than say that about four other types of U.S. schooling,” according to a new Gallup poll released Aug. 29. 69 percent say parochial or church-related schools do an excellent or good job educating students, and 60 percent say […]

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Obama admin: Too few Americans ‘turn to government for assistance’

The Obama White House has created a new website to combat a nationwide crisis — despite welfare spending growing to an all-time high, Obama is concerned not enough people are getting government assistance. The new government offensive comes after a poll showed only 15 percent of Americans turn first to the government when they’re short […]

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S&P warn of looming double-dip recession

Democrat plans to raise taxes could push the United States into another recession, Standard & Poors warn. “The US ratings firm raised the chance of the US falling into recession to 25 percent, up from a 20 percent chance estimated in February, as the world’s largest economy struggles to recover from a severe 2008-2009 slump,” […]

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