Bittner Re-Elected

In the 2012 special election, the Libertarian National Campaign Committee (LNCC) endorsed Brett Bittner in the race for the Marietta Georgia School Board. Brett was elected as the School Board Member for Ward 1. We endorsed him again this year for his re-election bid. Well…he won, by nearly 57% in a 3-way race!

Below is the letter of thanks the LNCC received from Brett:

Mr. McMahon,

Last year, while running in a special election for the Marietta City School Board, I sought and received the endorsement of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee.

Despite a large number of other races throughout the country, your support led to a significant fundraising effort for that election. On July 31st, 2012, I was elected to represent Ward 1 on the school board for Marietta City Schools. Without your endorsement and the support of Libertarians across the country, that may not have happened. For your support, your endorsement and “call to action” from those who also advocate Libertarian principles, I thank you.

My first year in office has been a learning experience more than anything, and I have the LNCC to thank for that opportunity.

Earlier this year, the LNCC renewed their endorsement of my campaign. This time, the endorsement was for my RE-election bid. As part of your support, you once again asked your supporters to help. While last year’s support was tremendous, I am truly honored and humbled by the generosity of those who stand strong in their principles of liberty. I am completely floored by those contributors from Virginia, California, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania who found it important enough to support my campaign here in Marietta, Georgia with some of their hard-earned money to help keep an elected Libertarian in office.

I’m happy to report that your fundraising efforts helped me raise $4,000. Or in other words, 60% of fully funding the campaign budget and plan we discussed back in December, and the “buzz” about the fundraising efforts made its way around the politicos in Marietta.

More than the funds raised, I also appreciate the time and advice that you gave to my campaign. I was one of only two people facing an opponent…and I had two. By maintaining a highly active campaign of going door-to-door, attending nearly every school function and creating buzz in the local media I was able to avoid a runoff election. I was re-elected after receiving 56.52% of the total vote and 62.68% of the early/absentee vote.

Thanks again for your renewed endorsement, and please share my thanks with the supporters who won with me on Tuesday night.


Brett C. Bittner

School Board Member – Ward 1 Marietta City Schools

If you want to see Libertarian Victories in 2014, like Brett’s, please support the Libertarian National Campaign Committee by making a donation, today. Click Here to help the LNCC financially prepare for 2014.

In Liberty,

Evan McMahon, Executive Director
Libertarian National Campaign Committee

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