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February 2012

60% of voters see no progress on economy. Libertarians offer a plan.

A Poll Position survey of 1,242 registered voters, conducted Feb. 12, finds only 38 percent of voters think the U.S. economy is getting better. Another 38 percent think the economy is becoming worse, while 22 percent say it’s staying the same. Among independent voters the numbers are even grimmer. A whopping 48 percent say the […]

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‘The Taxes Are Too Darn High’

Libertarian National Campaign Committee Chairman Wayne Allyn Root exposes the truth about government’s spending addiction. In this new video, Wayne dissects Obama’s fraudulent claims about spending and taxes, tells the truth about government spending, and tells you why only the libertarian solution can stop the damage out-of-control spending is doing to our economy, our nation […]

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Only Libertarians can defuse the public pension ‘bomb’

United Liberty writes today on the looming public pension bomb, when the lush retirement packages being handed out to government employees will overwhelm taxpayers and bankrupt state and local governments. These facts should stop dead any further pushes to defend and keep public pensions sacrosanct. The left and public unions may get up and toot […]

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Libertarian touts experience in his N.C. secretary of state bid

Mike Beitler, Libertarian candidate for North Carolina Secretary of State, can tout something the Republican and Democrat candidates can’t — 35 years of extensive, relevant private sector experience. “I’ve been a business consultant for most of my career, so I’ve worked in a wide variety of industries,” Beitler tells The Salisbury Post. “I really like […]

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