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March 2012

Libertarian Mormons oppose Romney, cite church teachings

While Mitt Romney may be a Latter-Day Saint many of his pro-government policies conflict with traditional Mormon teachings, prompting one group to take their worries public. “The billboard, which will go up on Friday and is sponsored by libertarian advocacy group LDS Liberty, asks a provocative (to Utahns) question: ‘Why did Spencer W. Kimball say: […]

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Five tactics your campaign can’t afford to ignore

Newspaper ads, billboards and campaigning on the Internet may be cute, but they don’t win elections. You have to make direct personal contact, either in person, on the phone or through the mail, with enough individual votes to collect the number of votes you need to win. Campaigns and Elections reminds you of five essential […]

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The four best legal arguments against ObamaCare

Damon W. Root, senior editor of Reason magazine and, lays out the case: 1: The Individual Mandate Violates the Original Meaning of the Constitution 2. The Individual Mandate Rests on an Unbounded and Unprincipled Assertion of Federal Power 3. The Individual Mandate Cannot Be Justified Under Existing Supreme Court Precedent 4. The Individual Mandate […]

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