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July 2012

Panel of economists agree: Only libertarian ideas can save the economy

“We assembled five prominent economists from across the political spectrum. We gave them a simple task: Identify major economic policies they could all stand behind,” National Public Radio reports: “They did. They gave us five tax proposals — plus one change to the criminal code — that every one of them could support wholeheartedly, from […]

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TSA agents harass, abuse seven-year-old girl on crutches

Transportation Security Agency agents at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport took government goonery to a new low, singling out and harassing a family because of their seven-year-old disabled daughter. As the Frank family first entered the security line they explained to agents their daughter Dina cannot go through the X-ray machine, as suffers […]

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Obama pushing for new civil war

LNCC Chairman Wayne Root is reaching out to millions again with the Libertarian Party message, this time through both Fox News and The Washington Times. Wayne writes, in part: President Obama is presiding over a new civil war. This war pits rich against poor, taxpayers versus tax-takers and unions against the private sector. Voters across […]

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Root to Obama — You owe us!

LNCC Chairman Wayne Root lights up Obama’s “you didn’t build that” smear in this Fox News commentary.  Wayne writes, in part: President Obama and even contributor Sally Kohn have it backwards. Business owners don’t owe credit to government for their success. Government owes us credit for its existence! Government doesn’t enable or empower business […]

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