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February 2012

How to create an effective campaign website

What should your campaign’s website feature?  What should it be focused on?  Political consultant Colin Delany talks to Campaigns & Elections magazine about effective campaign websites.  He also offers a more in-depth study “What the People Want: Investigating the Voter Experience with Republican Candidate Websites.” Three things to keep in mind: 1) It should push […]

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Americans support Libertarian transportation solutions

Good news for state and local Libertarian candidates. A new Reason-Rupe poll of 1,200 Americans finds the public agrees with you.  The poll, as reported by Reason, finds: -77% oppose raising the federal gas tax -Only 33% think transit should get more funding than its share in travel -By a margin of 62% to 30% […]

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Elected Libertarians: Springfield, Missouri City Councilman Bob Stephens

Robert Stephens was born and raised in Springfield—having attended school at Campbell Elementary, Jarrett Junior High, and Parkview High School. He also graduated from Southwest Missouri State College (the final graduating class of SMS College before it became SMS University!) He brings a strong background in management and volunteerism to the campaign for a seat […]

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Obama’s phony ‘cuts’

With just 10 months until he faces re-election Barack Obama’s rhetoric has rediscovered the virtues of small government, speaking of reducing spending and narrowing deficits. But does Obama’s rhetoric of spending cuts match the reality of his proposed budget? Come on.  We’re talking about Barack Obama. Cato @ Liberty’s Tad DeHaven points out just some […]

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