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July 2012

Obama’s ‘you didn’t build that’ smear not just wrong, but un-American

“In a campaign stump speech in Roanoke, Virginia last Friday, President Obama clearly revealed that he believes individual success in this country is largely driven by luck and other people, rather than hard work, ingenuity, or productivity. (The speech is similar to a 2011 speech by Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, condemning individualism.),” Reason‘s Emily Elkins writes. “Obama’s claim is in stark […]

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Obama EPA now targeting school buses

A company that provides bus service to government schools must pay a $90,000 federal fine and do environmental projects worth $348,000 to settle charges by the Obama EPA it violated environmental standards. What eco-crime did Durham School Services commit?  Dumping diesel into rivers?  Running over bald eagles for fun? No, a government investigation found it […]

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