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September 2012

Criticizing the welfare state a big ‘so what’ to voters

Some good news this week.  Criticizing how the government uses welfare to buy votes isn’t much of a negative with independent voters. • 43 percent of Americans say the secret “47 percent” video featuring comments by Mitt Romney will make “no difference” in who they vote for in the presidential race. • 51 percent of […]

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Cost of Obama regs comes in 20 times higher than White House estimates

“Current federal regulations plus those coming under Obamacare will cost American taxpayers and businesses $1.8 trillion annually, more than twenty times the $88 billion the administration estimates, according to a new roundup provided to Secrets from the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute,” The Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard reports. But CEI vice president Clyde Wayne Crews added, “according […]

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Obama selling print of new U.S. flag that honors himself

The official Barack Obama campaign is selling a new American flag print, with the Obama campaign logo replacing the field of stars representing the United States. Designed by artists Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson, the Obama campaign calls it “Our Stripes.” It took two people to design that? Libertarians have a better idea.  Politicians should […]

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Household income worse under Obama than under the recession

“A new report put out by the Pew Research Center finds that the median income is worse now than it was during the Great Recession,” CBS reports. “According to Pew, the Census Bureau showed that the median income for American households in 2009 – the official end of the Great Recession – was $52,195 (in […]

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