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September 2011

Door-to-door tips for Libertarians

1) Assume it will rain. Have an umbrella, boots, and a raincoat in your car. Also, an extra pair of socks helps keep your feet dry in all types of weather. It doesn’t hurt to bring Band-Aids, foot powder, and bunion pads, either. 2) Bring a few dog treats. Use them only if a seemingly […]

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National poll finds Libertarian with momentum, at 16% in Kent. treasurer race

A poll released by the nationally-respected firm Public Policy Polling finds Libertarian Ken Moellman’s support has grown to 16 percent in his race for Kentucky State Treasurer. Democrat Todd Hollenbach draws 43 percent, Republican K.C. Crosbie 28 percent and Libertarian Ken Moellman 16 percent. Moellman is the only candidate drawing virtually evenly from all racial, […]

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Libertarian officeholder wants to give voters more power

“Carpentersville village board members should not have the authority to establish or raise fees, increase the tax levy or create tax increment financing districts without voter approval, one village trustee says,” the suburban Chicago Daily Herald reports. “Trustee Doug Marks [a Libertarian] has drafted an ordinance that, if approved, would repeal that aspect of home […]

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GOP claims opposition to ObamaCare, but champions even larger drug benefit

Think Republicans are opposed to deficits, welfare entitlements, unfunded federal mandates and rising spending? Think again.  They not only support the welfare state, they’re outdoing Democrats. The Associated Press reports: Republicans want to pull the plug on the health care overhaul they call “Obamacare,” blaming it in part for the United States’ ballooning budget deficit. […]

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