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April 2012

Arkansas Libertarians field first-ever statewide slate

In yet another sign the Libertarian Party is growing, the Arkansas LP fielded its first-ever slate of candidates for state offices. Among those candidates is former state representative Bobby Tullis, a Mineral Springs Democrat, now the Libertarian nominee for United States Congress in the Fourth District. “New parties in Arkansas must submit 10,000 valid signatures […]

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There’s no such thing as Election Day.

If you think elections votes are cast on the first Tuesday in November, you’re wrong. There’s no such thing as Election “Day.” Thanks to more states opening up early and absentee voting, the use of mail-in ballots in states like Colorado and Oregon and because of our increasingly busy lives, in many elections more than […]

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Poll du Jour: Voters concerned with jobs, deficit

Voters want candidates who will offer practical, realistic solutions to the nation’s economic woes and widening budget deficit. • 79 percent of Americans say addressing the nation’s job situation is important; 42 percent say it’s unlikely that President Obama and Congress will ever agree on legislation to remedy it. • 73 percent of Americans say […]

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