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June 2012

Rupert Boneham takes aim at Big Goverment

Tristate reporter Kayla Moody reports: Boneham is the libertarian candidate in the race for Indiana Governor. He says he realizes he’s somewhat of an ‘untraditional’ candidate. Just take a look at his tie-dyed campaign shirts. It’s the style he became know for during his time on the reality television show. “I am not the career […]

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Washington Examiner: Even liberals realize government makes housing pricey

The Washington Examiner’s Barbara Hollingsworth writes this morning on a recent positive development — even liberals now agree government intervention is making housing unaffordable. Hollingsworth writes, in part: In this age of political and ideological polarization, it’s rather extraordinary when progressives and libertarians find themselves on common ground. But that’s what happened last week at […]

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Reece: Greek election results delay the inevitable

Matthew Reece, writing for, offers this take on Sunday’s Greek elections, writing in part: “The results of this election may have preserved the Greek bailout deal for now, but a bailout is not the correct way to handle such a situation. Bailouts essentially reward fiscal mismanagement and create a moral hazard that encourages more […]

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Consumer, investor confidence plunges to lowest level since January

“The Rasmussen Consumer Index, which measures consumer confidence on a daily basis, fell three points on Monday to 81.2,” the polling firm of Rasmussen Reports finds. “That’s the lowest level measured since Jan. 27 and is just two points above 2012′s low.  The Consumer Index is down five points from a week ago, down 12 […]

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