Rupert Boneham takes aim at Big Goverment

Tristate reporter Kayla Moody reports:

Boneham is the libertarian candidate in the race for Indiana Governor. He says he realizes he’s somewhat of an ‘untraditional’ candidate. Just take a look at his tie-dyed campaign shirts. It’s the style he became know for during his time on the reality television show.

“I am not the career politician that has the slick answers. I don’t have the 15 second sound bites. But I do have the ability to do what I say and say what I mean,” says Boneham.

Less government will be a key part of Boneham’s campaign. He says state legislators have too much power over local government. “Any time you take that power away from the community, the community loses a voice. Anytime you add that extra layer of government in, not only do they then lose their voice, but they spend more money to have less of a voice,” says Boneham.

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