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August 2012

An update from the Rupert for Governor campaign

I’d just like to update you on the progress the Rupert for Governor Campaign.   Below is a photo of the completed wrap of Rupert’s campaign van with which he will continue to travel to all 92 Indiana counties brining the LP’s message of a smaller and  more tolerant government to Hoosiers. The campaign is completing […]

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Incompetent Obama still putting taxpayer on bailout hooks

“‘[W]hat we did with the auto industry,’ President Obama told a crowd in Colorado Springs, Colo., last week, “we can do it in manufacturing across America. Let’s make sure advanced, high-tech manufacturing jobs take root here, not in China,” The Washington Examiner’s editorial board writes. “For anyone who understands the nature of GM’s ‘success,’ and […]

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Payback: Obama admin canceled pensions for non-union retirees

As if you needed any more proof of why it’s a bad idea for government to run businesses, The Daily Caller reports after Obama took control of General Motors in 2009 the Obama administration canceled pensions for Delphi auto retirees, but only for the retirees who were not members of the union that funded Obama’s […]

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