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October 2012

Support David Staples, Libertarian for Georgia PSC

David Staples is the Libertarian nominee for Georgia Public Service Commission, and his campaign is charging hard all the way to Election Day. The campaign, run by long time Georgia Libertarian State Chair Daniel Adams is maximizing its visibility, getting attention and getting endorsements.  The statewide race is for an office in which Libertarian candidate […]

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Turning stolen yard signs in your favor

It happens in every election.  Your yard signs will be stolen. But don’t whine about it.  Go on the offensive. Campaigns and Elections magazine offers these helpful tips: Earning media from yard sign thieves A Google News search for “yard signs” returns 39,000 news results in just the last month. Long story short, the media […]

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How to get valid, verified ballot access signatures quickly

One of the biggest roadblocks Libertarians face is ballot access.  Libertarian candidates often spend months collecting signatures, only to not make the ballot when a large number of the signers turn out not to be registered, or are registered but not allowed to sign because they don’t live in the district. A simple way to […]

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How to raise a lot of money. And fast

Ever wonder how candidates seem to raise all that money? It’s easier than you think. They just ask. The secret to raising political money is simple. 1) Ask everyone you know. 2) Ask confidently. The Libertarian cause is important enough to ask your family and friends to donate generously. 1) Get out your “Christmas card […]

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