Campaign tip: Raising your start-up money

Do you need to raise start-up money for your campaign?:

Fundraising is a fact of life. If you’re running for office because you want to make a positive difference… if your campaign is important… if you believe in what you are doing… then you have to get out there and raise money. No matter how small or local the office you are running for, it’s going to take money to get your campaign message out.

The best way to get started with your fundraising is by approaching those who know you best… your family, friends, colleagues, everyone on your holiday card list. Tell them why you are running, why your campaign is important, why you think you can win… and how much money you’ll need to do so. Then ask them to make a donation to help you win. This is the single best way to raise the seed money you need to start your run for office.


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