Family incomes worse under Obama than during recession

“New figures from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, compiled by Sentier Research, show that the typical American household’s real (inflation-adjusted) income has actually dropped 5.7 percent during the Obama ‘recovery,’” The Weekly Standard reports.

“Using constant 2012 dollars (to adjust for inflation), the median annual income of American households was $53,718 as of June 2009, the last month of the recession.  Now, after 38 months of this ‘recovery,’ it has fallen to $50,678 — a drop of $3,040 per household.”

How bad is the Obama economy?  Family incomes are falling more than twice as fast under Obama than they did during the recession.

“From the start to the end of the recession, the real median income of American households fell $1,413, or 2.6 percent.  From the end of the recession to the present day, it has dropped $3,040, or 5.7 percent,” the Standard reports.

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