First Athens – Then London

Now some American cities are seeing raucous protests by government dependents angry and increasingly violent over the fact free-spending politicians have run out of other people’s money.

And your community may be next.

There’s only way to stop the explosion of government spending, and the destructive rampages that follow when governments spend themselves into bankruptcy…

…we must begin electing more Libertarians.

No community is immune from the threat posed by big spending.

By many measures, Loudoun County, Virginia is the wealthiest community in the United States. Located outside suburban Washington, D.C., Loudoun is home to ambassadors, senior government officials, millionaire CEOs, wine vintners and equestrian enthusiasts.

But even this millionaire’s playground is going bankrupt.  Despite years of steadily rising tax bills, Loudoun politicians can’t keep up with their own appetite for spending.

The wealthiest county in the United State faces a $192 million dollar government budget deficit.

And it’s fueled by a government employee retirement system, which gives even part-time political appointees a full, plush retirement package with no contribution from the employee.

Despite facing fiscal destruction and the loss of its high bond rating over its out-of-control spending, the Board narrowly voted to continue its pig-out spending.

And Loudoun is only one example of thousands of city councils, county commissions and state legislatures that, even facing default, narrowly vote to continue spending their citizens into oblivion.

Just imagine what one Libertarian on one of those bodies would do to tilt the balance and save citizens from bankruptcy.

That’s why we created the Libertarian National Campaign Committee.

If simply being right was all you needed to win an election, Libertarians would have won long ago.

But it’s not.

You must know how to communicate effectively, target the right voters, raise money and get out the vote.

Your support of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee gives our Libertarian candidates the training, information, technology and support they need to win.

Thank you for supporting the Libertarian National Campaign Committee.

We’ve seen the terrible price of Big Government in cities like London and Athens.

Now we’re beginning to see it here in the United States.

Just one Libertarian elected to the city council or county commission is all it would take to turn off the spending spigot in many of our communities.

With your help, we can begin to take back our country and bring fiscal sanity back to our communities.

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