Only Libertarians can defuse the public pension ‘bomb’

United Liberty writes today on the looming public pension bomb, when the lush retirement packages being handed out to government employees will overwhelm taxpayers and bankrupt state and local governments.

These facts should stop dead any further pushes to defend and keep public pensions sacrosanct. The left and public unions may get up and toot their own horn, but they can bleat about it until they’re blue in the face: the simple fact is we have no money. Eventually, people are going to get sick of the reductions in service and the hiking of taxes in order to pay for these pensions, and they’re going to come at them with hatchets.

Yet, for some inane reason, public unions cannot recognize this fact. They cannot see ahead even just ten years.

The good times are over. We all need to make cutbacks in order to get through this, and that includes our government. No matter what the left likes to think, reality does not have a liberal bias. It has a libertarian one.

Libertarian National Campaign Committee Chairman Wayne Root has long been speaking out about the need for public pension reform.  It’s an issue that threatens to lead our nation down the same road as Greece, toward riots and flames.

Republicans consistently fail to address the issue.  Democrats won’t touch it.  There’s only one way to save America from bankruptcy and economic collapse — support Libertarian candidates.

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