Republicans, Democrats team up to censor, regulate your Internet content

“Two bills are moving through the Senate and the House at the moment, aimed at creating a host of new controls and regulations over the internet, and threatening to change the way everybody does business and interacts online,” Forbes‘ E.D. Kain writes Monday.

“SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, is the House’s attempt to severely censor the internet ostensibly in order to clamp down on piracy. The companion bill in the Senate is the Protect IP Act. The two bills create an armada of new regulations that help big corporations and hurt regular people, start-ups, and clamp down on innovation.”

And as with most bad ideas, both Republicans and Democrats are teaming up to push Big Government, with libertarians fighting back.

“In the Senate, Democratic senator Patrick Leahy is leading the push to pass Protect IP. In the House, Republican congressman Lamar Smith is leading the charge for SOPA,” writes Kain.

“…I’ve written about this before, but I think we need a civil liberties caucus. Who cares about right or left? Progressive vs. libertarian? What I want – what I care about – are elected officials who want to stop madness like SOPA, the Patriot Act, and TSA abuses (not to mention things like assassination of US citizens and nation-building.)”

E.D., you have that civil liberties caucus. It’s the Libertarian Party and the LNCC.

The only way to stop attacks on citizens like these is to vote Libertarian.

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