LNCC Hires an Executive Director

The Libertarian Party — and its candidates — must show we are ready to take the next big steps in becoming a relevant and influential voice in American politics.  And with that I am excited to tell you that the Libertarian National Campaign Committee has hired a highly experienced full-time Executive Director, political strategist Evan McMahon.

For over 15 years Evan McMahon has been a sought after professional political strategist and campaign advisor.  His experience includes advising hundreds of up and down ticket races across the country, organizing ballot measures and issue advocacy campaigns, statewide voter registration drives, developing the first ever responsive streaming online townhall for a campaign, guest lecturing at universities and actually getting candidates elected to office.

In just a few short years, Evan has earned the respect of Libertarians throughout the “big tent” and gained a solid reputation for his dedication, seemingly limitless campaign knowledge and his 90+ hour work weeks.

Over the next two years, Evan will be working day and night to help recruit, train, advise, outfit and fund Libertarian candidates across the country. All with one single minded goal — restoring liberty through the ballot box.

We are here to turn the tide and change the course of America.  And our ability to accomplish this depends on you.  With your help we can make a dramatic impact on the liberty movement.

I ask you to stand with me and our mission by supporting the LNCC, donate online today.

Very truly yours,

Mark W. Rutherford, Chairman
Libertarian National Campaign Committee

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