LNCC’s 2013 New Year’s Resolution

2012 was a pretty good year for Libertarians. We had more high caliber candidates running engaging campaigns than ever before. Across the country the Libertarian ticket was made up of candidates that were “in it to win it”.

On the local level, the media and the voters started really seeing our serious candidates as just that, serious.

Every candidate, state chair and local activist can tell you that after the election we heard from an unprecedented number of people that are tired the strangle hold the two-party system has on this country and that they are ready to get involved with the Libertarian Party. The momentum is on our side and we can’t let that slip away. As a political party we can’t rest on our laurels or be content with getting 1%, 2% or even 15% of the vote. We must keep Moving Momentum.

Moving Momentum: 2013 LNCC New Year’s Resolution

  1. Assist state and county chairs in the recruitment and training of candidates
  2. Develop and host monthly Campaign 101 video webinars
  3. Start a 12 week intensive campaign leadership school
  4. Get all 135 currently elected Libertarians Reelected to office
  5. Support 25-50 candidates who are starting their 2014 campaigns NOW
  6. Work with state chairs to develop a localized Get Out The Vote (GOTV) plan
  7. Create a Precinct Captain training program for local activists and volunteers
  8. Recruit 500 volunteers to operate the LNCC Phonebank
  9. Recruit 2,500 volunteers to promote Libertarian candidates via social networks
  10. Do whatever it takes to at least double the number of elected Libertarians in 2014

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