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Libertarian Getting 12% in Politico Poll

In last month’s Virginia Gubernatorial debate the media proclaimed a clear winner…the guy who wasn’t even there. After Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis was shutout of the debate, the campaign created a 30 second ad and paid for it to be broadcast during the debate. The “Open-minded and Open For Business” ad hit home not only […]

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Going the Distance in Colorado

Earlier this month the Libertarian Party of Colorado filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State to ensure the candidates in this hotly-contested recall election are given the time allowed by the state constitution for petitioning to be on the ballot.   Well… they won! You can read the full statement on the LPCO website. They […]

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Re-Elect Libertarian Brett Bittner

In the 2012 special election, the Libertarian National Campaign Committee (LNCC) endorsed Brett Bittner in the race for the Marietta Georgia School Board. Brett was elected as the School Board Member for Ward 1. Now he needs the help of Libertarians to hold the seat in this year’s election. Brett has served with distinction on […]

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Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Mr. Glenn Beck, Recently on your program, you’ve been openly stating your disdain and disenfranchisement with the Republican Party and a little more than hinting at your switch to Libertarianism. You’ve even acknowledging that you had scored at the top of the Libertarian quadrant on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. With that in mind and on […]

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