Re-Elect Libertarian Brett Bittner

In the 2012 special election, the Libertarian National Campaign Committee (LNCC) endorsed Brett Bittner in the race for the Marietta Georgia School Board. Brett was elected as the School Board Member for Ward 1. Now he needs the help of Libertarians to hold the seat in this year’s election.

Brett has served with distinction on the school board. His ideas and principled policies have changed the course of discussion on the board. His fellow board members have been influenced by his arguments for financial responsibility and accountability. They are even openly talking about cutting ties with federal funds and the requirements that come with them.

Read more on this at the Marietta Daily Journal.

And Brett does not shy away from taking a stand for our principles, such as his lone opposition to a local $35 million bond measure slated for this November’s ballot.  You can read all about it at this Marietta Daily Journal article.

Brett has been walking his district, calling on parents and presenting Libertarians in a positive light through the local press. But there is more he can do. Brett needs yard signs, push cards, mailers and maybe a couple of local drive-time radio ads.

We must support our Elected Libertarian office holders and Brett has proven he WILL go the distance on the campaign trail and on the board. Help us to get Brett Bittner Re-Elected by donating directly to his campaign. Donate Here Today!




PS, there is a challenger sniffing around. If we can show that it will cost them to run against Brett…they may just stay home.

In Liberty,

Evan McMahon, Executive Director
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