If you’re talking about anything other than the economy, you’re wasting your time

If you’re a Libertarian candidate or running a Libertarian campaign, your voters have a message for you.

Tell us what you’ll do to create jobs.

A new Pew Research poll finds the economy and jobs are far and away the most important issue this year, with 86 and 84 percent of voters saying the issue is “very important” to them.

Social issues like abortion and gay marriage ranked near the bottom of voter concerns and with Republicans holding the advantage on those issues.

The economy is also the issue where most voters agree with Libertarians.

A Rasmussen poll finds “69 percent (of likely voters) agree the free enterprise system made America great. Moreover, 50 percent say the society would become less fair if the government got more involved in regulating the economy. Perhaps this is a result of the perception that government contracts tend to be granted based on political connections (66 percent) but private sector negotiations favor those who provide the best service for the best price (51 percent).”

The numbers are overwhelming.  Want to grow the Libertarian Party and win elections? Focus on the economy.

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