Voters say neither Obama or Romney can fix the economy

For Americans heading to the polls this November only one issue matters — creating jobs.

But an overwhelming majority of those voters say neither Barack Obama or Mitt Romney can do it.

A new Fox News poll released yesterday shows 61 percent of registered voters say Obama does not have “a clear plan for fixing the economy.”  That number rises to 68 percent among the independent voters who will decide the election and is 58 percent among women.  Only 36 percent of registered voters expressed confidence in Obama’s economic policies.

The numbers are just as bad for Romney.  58 percent of registered voters say Romney does not have “clear plan for fixing the economy,” with only 31 percent expressing confidence in his economic policies.  54 percent of women polled say Romney has no plan to fix the economy.

That means voters are desperately looking for a candidate with a clear, practical, proven and believable plan to fix the economy, and they’re not getting it from Republicans or Democrats.  Creating jobs is far and away the most important issue in this election year, especially to the growing number of independent voters not wedded to either party.

Which means Libertarians need to talk about one issue and one issue only — the economy.

If a Libertarian candidate is running on any issue other than creating jobs, he or she is generally wasting their time.

And they need to present a plan to create jobs that voters will see as credible and effective.

Voters are looking for a change. The door is wide open.  It’s up to Libertarians to present themselves as credible, practical and worthy of trust on the important issue of creating jobs.

The Fox News poll was conducted from April 22 to 24 and has a 3 percent margin of error.

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