Libertarians mark School Choice Week, aim to improve education

Libertarian National Campaign Committee Chaiman Wayne Root, writing for, notes in part:

“..this is National School Choice Week and all of that terrible economic news is child’s play (excuse the pun) compared to our failing government-run education system

…The failure of our public school system condemns millions of young Americans to a future with no hope, no advancement, no good jobs, perhaps no jobs at all…

…When President Bush took office in 2000 Education Department spending was $30 billion. Today it is over $70 billion annually, plus another $175 billion extra in education spending from Obama’s stimulus program. Add up the numbers. We’ve gone from $30 billion annually to almost $200 billion in just over a decade. That’s about a 7-times increase in total education spending. Does anyone think education is 7 times better? Actually it’s more likely 7 times worse…

…Yet through all this gloom and doom, there is a ray of hope. A story of remarkable educational success. A story I call “Homeschool to Harvard.” My daughter Dakota Root was home-schooled by her small businessman dad and devoted Christian homemaker mom right here in Las Vegas. And the results are nothing short of amazing. Dakota scored perfect SAT scores of 800 in reading and writing. She was a National Merit Scholar and Presidential Scholar nominee.

She was accepted by many of this nation’s finest universities including Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Penn, Brown, Chicago, Virginia, and Cal-Berkeley — the list goes on and on.  She actually had the confidence to turn down an offer from the Yale fencing coach before she had gotten any of her other acceptances. The kid turned down Yale!…

…Dakota Root’s story is a testament to the power of the individual. Understanding that when it comes to educating our children, government is too big to succeed.

My advice as the home-school dad of a Harvard superstar scholar and athlete?

Take control.

Take charge.

Take action.

Be pro-active.

Become the CEO of your child’s future. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Only through self-reliance, personal responsibility and rugged individualism, can a parent change their child’s direction and super-charge their future.

What did we teach Dakota that isn’t being taught in the public schools of Nevada? Since almost the day that Dakota was born, her mom and dad taught her the importance of work ethic — that to succeed she would have to out work, out shine, out smart, and out hustle every other student…

Go here to read Root’s full column and find out for yourself how the Libertarian approach to education makes our future better and brighter.

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