Obama pushing for new civil war

LNCC Chairman Wayne Root is reaching out to millions again with the Libertarian Party message, this time through both Fox News and The Washington Times.

Wayne writes, in part:

President Obama is presiding over a new civil war. This war pits rich against poor, taxpayers versus tax-takers and unions against the private sector. Voters across this country who get checks from the government will vote for Mr. Obama to keep the checks coming, regardless of race. They want to be taken care of by government, from cradle to grave.

So this civil war is not about race, it’s about economic class, ambition, drive and work ethic…

…Mr. Obama actually said words that made me sick to my stomach and brought tears to my eyes. They are words so vile they are an affront to every American business owner and a reminder of his deep-seated hatred and resentment toward business owners. Mr. Obama said that business owners owe their success to government. He actually said that if you’ve built a business, you don’t get the credit. It’s government who has been by your side. You need to give government the credit.

Mr. Obama says government helped me every step of the way as a businessman. Really? With that kind of thinking, the only remaining question is whether he actually believes the absurd propaganda he spews.

Mr. Obama is right about one thing: Government is always by our side. Unfortunately, it ruins almost everything it touches…

…Government isn’t there helping me while I work 16-hour days, weekends, early mornings, late nights, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Government isn’t there when I make important decisions that affect the future of my business. Government isn’t there when I risk my hard-earned money and lose everything. Government isn’t there when I make pitches to potential clients that determine whether my business grows, stagnates or fails. Government isn’t there when I start each week at zero, as all entrepreneurs do every week. Government isn’t there, thank goodness, when I raise my family — though it tries to be…

…Government isn’t a savior or saint. Government resembles the Mafia. It is like organized crime with the weight of the law behind it. Under Mr. Obama, it is hell-bent on turning public sentiment against all of us who own businesses, destroying America’s belief in capitalism, and redistributing our incomes until our businesses are crippled or closed. Then government will be our only place to turn.Let’s avoid class warfare and a divided nation. Let’s pull back from the brink of a civil war. For the good of America and our children, let’s outsource Mr. Obama. If we are to save this economy, capitalism, our jobs and this country, Mr. Obama must go.

Read Wayne’s full hard-hitting commentary here.

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