Root to Obama — You owe us!

LNCC Chairman Wayne Root lights up Obama’s “you didn’t build that” smear in this Fox News commentary.  Wayne writes, in part:

President Obama and even contributor Sally Kohn have it backwards. Business owners don’t owe credit to government for their success. Government owes us credit for its existence! Government doesn’t enable or empower business owners. We empower government.

Business owners would do just fine without government. But government, government employees, and the “takers” of society — those who take checks from government — could not survive without us — the creators, producers and taxpayers. Simply put, we pay all the bills for government. We’re the ones you ought to be thanking…

…So why does Obama think we owe him? Why do progressives think we should say thank you? Sure, we need the things that help our society and economy grow — infrastructure, roads, bridges, traffic lights, police, fire, garbage, sewers, hospitals, airports, schools, and national defense. Though much of that could be handled by private enterprise. But Obama and others miss the crucial point — we (business owners and taxpayers) paid for that with our taxes. We built it! You owe us a debt of gratitude.

Without our business taxes, Social Security taxes, payroll taxes, workers comp taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes and estate taxes (we even pay you after we’re dead), there would be no money for all those things that Obama values. Why would we thank you, for things we paid for? When the customer walks out of the restaurant, or hardware store, or toy store, who thanks who? The business owner thanks us for spending our money in his establishment.

Instead of telling us how much we owe government, the progressive leftists and socialists should be thanking us. Without taxpayers — especially high income business owners — you wouldn’t be able to build roads, bridges, highways, schools or airports. Your infrastructure exists because of our hard work. Your schools exist because of rich business owners who pay huge property tax bills. Your Social Security, Medicare, welfare, food stamps and unemployment insurance exist because of business owners paying into the system.

Yes, President Obama, it all exists because business owners do in fact work harder and smarter. And you had better thank God we do it, or you’d be up the proverbial creek without a paddle…

….Americans are leaving for places that treat customers better. Even Obama’s rich elite leftist crowd is refusing to pay the higher taxes he wants. One of the co-founders of Facebook renounced his citizenship and left for Singapore — where the income taxes are more tolerable at 20% or less and the capital gains taxes are zero. Even though he’s a latte-drinking, tree-hugging San Francisco Bay area liberal, he left America rather than pay Obama’s future oppressive taxes.

Denise Rich could possibly be one of the top five Democratic contributors in America over the past 20 years. She is tight with the Clintons. Yet she renounced her citizenship, just days ago. She, too, refuses to pay the massive Obama taxes that are on the way.

So far it’s a trickle of ultra-rich that are leaving. Soon, if Obama is re-elected, it could become a torrent. I personally know hundreds of business owners exploring their options right now, many ready to leave the moment Obama is re-elected.  This is called running a business without any customers. The taxpayers are unhappy. The only ones left will be Obama’s voters — the takers. But there won’t be anyone left to take from…

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